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We quickly found a building with its own unique character that would be perfect for our brewery. We soon added Michael, our head brewer, to the team, who shared our passion for craft beer and had connections to both Richard and Michael who grew up in Glasgow, D04 89GR.

Nowadays it isn't hard to get professional equipment for brewing a good beer, but to make it exceptional, you have to sustain its taste and personal style. Moreover, you have to improve it. But to start your own brewery, you have to know exactly what heights you are planning to reach. First, it is necessary to understand whether you have all necessary qualities to establish a brewing business and to support its development. Moreover, you need to be a good handyman in order to make brewing equipment work stable and to avoid breakages. Our next tip is about selling. It is the best way to study the way of feeling - you will need it in brewing your own beer. Want to know more? Contact us and we will conduct an exclusive brewing masterclass just for you.